Those are the games I worked on as a student at PUC Minas University and Vancouver Film School.


Recollection is a first person puzzle game where players take the role of an elderly man on his death bed traversing through his mind while solving spatial puzzles.

Role: Gameplay & Tools Programmer

Collaborated in a team of six people for five months to conceptualize and develop the game. Built highly object oriented systems while working closely with the level designer. Developed several tools to optimize our pipeline and improved my Unity Editor scripting skills in the process.


Anita is a third person adventure game where players take the role of Anita, a young girl who must save her best friend and free the island she lives from a terrible curse.

Role: Gameplay programmer & Game Designer

Designed and implemented the game’s main systems such as character movement, combat, inventory and UI. Wrote documentation on both design and technical ends. Wrote an animation system to HiGUI a custom written UI solution Unity’s OnGUI. Worked along three artists, a project manager and another programmer, responsible for the enemy’s AI.


First person horror game where the player is stuck on an abandoned asylum and must collect items, craft tools and solve puzzles to escape and uncover the truth about their past.

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Worked with a team of five people to develop the game in one semester. Coded systems from the ground up according to the designers’ demands. Learned and applied several design patterns to keep the code clean and maintainable. Also implemented the first version of HiGUI, a custom built UI system in Unity.