I frequently take part on Game Jams: 48 hour long events where a game must be developed according to the provided theme.
From the Global Game Jam to Ludum Dare, Game Jams are my jam.


Overview: Polarity is a 3D fast paced third person action game where players must defeat past versions of themselves in a deadly space dodgeball game. Made for Ludum Dare 32 with the theme “An unusual weapon”.

Role: Programmer, Game Designer

Polarity was a solo game I developed in about 48 hours for April’s Ludum Dare using some art packages from the Asset Store. The original idea was to make a direct sequel to Hugo Was Alone, but I ended up deciding to go for an original idea. I had a lot of fun learning how to use animation curves and also got to practice some 3D math skills when dealing with reflecting the characters movements and bouncing the shots. You can check the game here.


Overview: Baulders is a 3D top down multiplayer pinball game, where players must destroy a city by swinging boulders around. Made for Ludum Dare 31 under the theme “An entire game in one screen”, Baulders was placed 1st in the humor category, 5th in audio and 14th overall.

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Baulders was created in 72 hours for December’s Ludum Dare Jam along with an artist and a designer. By far one of the most chill jams I’ve taken part on, Baulders happened smoothly from brainstorm to uploading, which we did with a few hours to spare. During development I had the chance to tackle one of my weaknesses: physics. I learned how to properly deal with joints and made the collision detection as precise as possible within Unity’s own limitations. You can play the game here.

Freedom Along the Mohawk

Overview: Freedom Along the Mohawk is a third person top down physics based tower defense based on the 1939 movie “Drums along the Mohawk”, where the player must defend himself from waves of invaders and the only way to win is by moving to Canada. Developed in 48 hours for the 6th Hat Jam hosted at VFS, the game is filled with homages and internal jokes.

Role: Gameplay & UI Programmer

Developed in 48 hours with two other programmers, an audio guy and an artist, the biggest challenge here was to establish a fluid pipeline, since we didn’t have access to any version control system. Also took the opportunity to fiddle around with object pooling and UI animation. You can play it here.


Cloudwalker is a 2.5D platformer where the player takes on the role of an adult who must bring out his inner child to navigate a world of clouds. Made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2014, with the theme: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”.

Role: Game Programmer

Along with an artist and a level designer, Cloudwalker was built in 48 hours. It was implemented using a physics based platformer framework. Learned a lot about animation trees, Mecanim implementation and custom hitboxes. The game can be found here.

The Rest of Me

If you had one minute to live, what would you do? In The Rest of Me, a first person exploration game, players have one minute to wander through a house and understand the main character’s past and motivation. Built for Ludum Dare 28, with the theme: “You only get one”.

Role: Game Programmer

Made by a team of four people with only three computers in 72 hours, The Rest of Me was a bumpy journey when it came to workflow, but designing the inventory system and integrating it with the UI was a fun ride. Also had time to mess a little bit with post processing, which was very helpful to enhance the game’s atmosphere. You can find the game here.

Hugo Was Alone

Hugo Was Alone is a 3D top down dungeon crawler with a dual joystick gameplay, where the player plays as Hugo (me :D), a character abandoned by his friends in a dungeon, where he must survive for 48 hours alone. Made during the SPJam 2013 under the theme: “Plot Twist”.

Role: Game Designer & Programmer

Based on a real story, the fact that HWA came together is a plot twist by itself, since all the other members of the team had last minute problems and couldn’t attend. With my flight already booked I decided to proceed on my own. After harvesting the Unity Asset Store for interesting art packages I started a marathon to put everything together. You can see and play the final game here.

Bit Heart

Bit Heart is a 2.5D rhythmic endless runner where players play inside the mind of a person dying of a heart attack. They must dodge obstacles and collect items while keeping the heart beating. Built for the Global Game Jam 2013, where the theme was the sound of a heart beating.

Role: Game Programmer

Developed after a five hour drive to the Jam location, Bit Heart was made by a team of four people and ended up winning the first place amongst the participants of the Jam site. During development I got my first glimpse of how procedural generation works and got to learn about character physics and post processing effects. You can see more about the game here.


Contrast is a 2.5D puzzle platformer where players must guide a cube through a black and white world using a dimension switching mechanic. Made during Mini Ludum Dare 36, in 2012, with the theme: “Contrast”.

Role: Game Designer & Programmer

Made on the little free time I had over the course of a week, Contrast was my first solo project. Although most of the development time was invested in designing the levels, it still managed to be an interesting experience for my programming studies. While coding it I stumbled upon delegates and events for the first time, which was used to implement the dimension switching mechanic. The game can be played here.